Kalimba with 17 blades Moonlight Cat

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Perform airy melodies with this 17-bladed Moonlight Cat kalimba and immerse yourself in an enchanting musical world.

  • Heavenly and Harmonious Sound: The 17 steel blades generate divine sounds, providing a transcendent musical experience.
  • Therapeutic Instrument: Stimulate hand coordination, improve memory and promote mental and physical well-being.
  • Portability and Creativity: Compact and easy to learn, the Kalimba allows you to express your musical creativity anywhere, anytime.

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Travel Through the Heavenly Tones

The Kalimba, an instrument originating from African lands, offers a transcendental musical experience. Its 17 steel blades generate divine sounds, creating heavenly harmony perfect for novices and experienced musicians alike. The subtle details of the moon and the cat on the sound box add a metaphysical touch to this exquisite instrument.

Immerse yourself in the Harmony of Sound with the Therapeutic Kalimba

If you are looking for a natural method to improve your well-being, Kalimba is your ally. Stimulate hand coordination, increase memory and improve mental and physical health by integrating this music therapy instrument into your daily life. It also acts as a relief for sleep, mood and pain.

Express Yourself Musically with the Mobile Thumb Piano

The Kalimba, also known as the Thumb Piano, is a mobile instrument that offers a window into a world of artistic expression. Its small footprint allows you to take it anywhere, transforming every environment into a potential stage for your creativity. Express yourself musically anywhere, anytime, and let your creativity flow.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Play

With its simple structure and precise tuning, the Kalimba offers musical playing without false notes. Even beginners can perform a melody in minutes. In the event of a disagreement, our easy-to-follow procedure allows you to restore the harmony of your instrument without the need for a professional.

Immerse yourself in the Mesmerizing History of the Kalimba

Discover the captivating history of the Kalimba, an African percussion instrument dating back 3000 years in West Africa. Thanks to notable developments, the modern Kalimba offers a unique, soft and soothing sound. Choose the Moonlight Cat 17-bladed Kalimba and give a new dimension to your musical compositions.

Included in the package

Each Kalimba comes with a set of carefully selected accessories to enhance your musical experience:

  • 1 tuning hammer
  • 1 fabric storage bag
  • 1 instruction and sheet music booklet
  • 1 set of stickers for memorizing the blades
  • 1 cleaning cloth to ensure optimal use


  • Instrument type : Percussion > Idiophone > Lamellophone
  • Number of Reeds, Keys or Notes : 17
  • Soundboard : Yes
  • Materials : Solid mahogany wood body, Steel slats
  • Length : 18 x 13 x 3,3 centimeters
  • Tone : C major
  • Weight : 400 grams


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