Native American burning kit

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Purify your space with our Native American burning kit!

Feel the power of purification with our Native American burning kit. Made from sacred white sage and an abalone shell, this kit allows you to create a traditional fumigation ritual to eliminate negative energies and purify your space.


An ancestral and sacred purification

Discover the essence of Native American wisdom with our Native American burning kit, an ancestral practice of spiritual purification. Immerse yourself in a sacred ritual that connects you to nature and ancestors, allowing you to release negative energies and open the way to clarity and harmony.

  • The wisdom of Native American peoples : Since time immemorial, Native American peoples have used fumigation as a way to connect with the spiritual world and balance energies. Our kit is an invitation to discover and honor this centuries-old wisdom.
  • The power of sacred sage : White sage, a sacred herb, is at the heart of this fumigation ritual. Light the sage, let the smoke envelop your body and surroundings, and feel the cleansing energy wash over you. Let sage guide you towards clarity and serenity.

A complete purification experience

Immerse yourself in a world of purification and renewal with our Native American burning kit. Discover how each item in the kit plays a vital role in your spiritual journey.

  • Abalone shell : The abalone shell is more than just a container for sage, it is a symbol of the ocean, protection and wisdom. Use it to direct the sacred smoke where it is needed and allow its benevolent energy to guide you.
  • The practice of ritual : The fumigation ritual is much more than a simple action, it is a holistic experience. Take the time to prepare yourself mentally and emotionally, choose a quiet and peaceful place, and allow yourself to immerse yourself in the dance of the purifying smoke.

A deep connection with your inner being

Our Native American burning kit is much more than just a product, it is a gateway to inner peace and spiritual connection.

  • The release of negative energies : As the smoke spreads, negative energies are washed away, giving way to a feeling of lightness and renewal. Feel your mind lighten and your heart open to endless possibilities.
  • Harmony and balance : Native American fumigation helps you restore balance between your body, mind and soul. You will feel more aligned, more centered, and ready to fully embrace your authentic self.

Included in the kit

  • 5 sticks of white sage
  • 1 abalone shell
  • 1 wooden tripod
  • 1 turkey feather


  • Length of sage sticks : 9 cm
  • Abalone Shell Length : 11 to 14 cm
  • Origin of Abalone Shell : New Zealand