Wooden pendulum board

14,95  - 19,95 

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A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

A practical solution for accurate predictions

Are you looking for a trustworthy pendulum board that gives you accurate predictions? Then this wooden pendulum board is made for you! With its optimal dimensions and natural material, it offers you a simple and practical solution for your divination sessions.

Natural and robust material

Made from very sturdy wood, this wooden pendulum board is very durable. It is able to withstand all types of conditions and all situations. The board is also treated to enhance its strength and durability.

Optimal dimensions for practical use

This wooden pendulum board has a diameter of 15 or 25 cm (depending on your choice), which is ideal for precise and practical prediction. In addition, its thickness of 0,3 cm and its weight of 23,6 g make it very easy to handle and transport.

A reliable and affordable solution

This wooden pendulum board is a very reliable solution, but also very affordable. With this product, you will benefit from an accurate prediction at a lower cost. You can therefore rely on this board to be able to obtain accurate and reliable predictions.


  • material : Drink
  • Diameter : 15 cm or 25 cm (depending on your choice)
  • Thickness : 0,3 cm
  • Weight : 23,6 g (15 cm) or 71,4 g (25 cm)