Tarot Del Toro

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Discover the Tarot Del Toro, the Spanish divinatory art with cards rich in symbols and mystery. Get answers with this unique tarot.

  • Spanish symbolic wealth : Magnificent illustrations inspired by Spanish culture for a captivating visual experience.
  • Spiritual guidance : The Tarot Del Toro offers valuable guidance for spiritual, personal and practical matters.
  • Flexibility of use : Suitable for both amateurs and experienced tarot practitioners, offering a variety of readings for precise answers.

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Le Tarot Del Toro by Tomos Hijo, inspired by the world of Guillermo del Toro, is much more than a simple card game. It's a powerful way to delve into the depths of your mind and discover the secrets the future holds for you. Known for its Spanish origin, the Tarot Del Toro is a fascinating instrument of divinatory art, imbued with symbolism and mystery. In this article, we will explore this unique tarot deck in detail, revealing its history, its components and how you can use it to get answers to your most pressing questions.

History and Meaning

The Tarot Del Toro has its roots in Spain, where it has become an essential element of metaphysical culture. The name “Del Toro” refers to the bull, symbol of power, strength and bravery in Spain. Each Tarot Del Toro card is richly illustrated, with images that evoke Spanish scenes, bulls, flamenco dancers and other cultural elements. Each of these images tells a story and holds deep meaning that can be interpreted to provide valuable information.

Components of the Tarot Del Toro

The Tarot Del Toro is made up of 78 cards, divided into two distinct groups: the major arcana and minor arcana.

The Major Arcana

The major arcana of Tarot Del Toro are the most powerful and symbolic cards in this deck. They represent archetypes and essential life lessons. Among the major arcana of the Tarot Del Toro, we find cards such as “The Matador, "",The Dancer, "",The bull" and many others. Each of these cards offers a unique perspective on situations and emotions.

The Minor Arcana

The minor arcana of the Tarot Del Toro are divided into four suites: cuts, swords, sticks et . Each suite includes 14 cards, ranging fromAce to King. The Minor Arcana offer more specific details about the practical aspects of daily life, such as relationships, work, challenges, and opportunities.

How to Use the Tarot Del Toro

The Tarot Del Toro can be used in several ways to gain information and guidance. Here are some steps to use this divination game effectively:

1. Preparation

Find a quiet, peaceful place where you can focus on your question or concern. Shuffle the cards while focusing on your intention.

2. Ask Your Question

Formulate your question clearly and concisely. The more specific your question, the more specific the answer will be.

3. Draw the Cards

Draw a number of cards according to the drawing method you prefer. You can opt for a cross draw, a fan draw, or any other draw that suits you.

4. Interpretation

Analyze the images and symbols on the cards to interpret their meaning. Trust your intuition and the personal associations you can make.

5. Reflection

Think about the messages the cards send to you. How can they apply to your current situation? Take the time to meditate on the answers obtained.

Benefits of Tarot Del Toro

The Del Toro Tarot offers many benefits for those seeking answers to their deepest questions. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Spiritual Guidance: The Del Toro Tarot can help you find answers to spiritual questions, explore your own consciousness, and better understand your spiritual path.
  • Clarity: It can bring clarity to complex situations, helping you see things from a new perspective.
  • Introspection : The Del Toro Tarot encourages introspection and reflection on your emotions, actions and relationships.
  • Decision making : It can be a valuable tool for making informed and balanced decisions.
  • Entertainment: In addition to its divinatory aspects, the Tarot Del Toro can also be used as a fun card game for evenings with friends.

In conclusion

The Tarot Del Toro is a powerful tool for divination, introspection and the search for spiritual answers. With its magnificent Spanish illustrations and rich symbolism, it is both a means of guidance and a work of art. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a curious beginner, the Tarot Del Toro can offer you unique perspectives on your life and the mysteries of the future. Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Tarot Del Toro and let yourself be guided by the cards.


  • Author and illustrator : Tomás Hijo
  • Publisher : Insight Editions
  • Publication Date : 27 / 10 / 2020
  • ISBNs: 9781683839798
  • Number of cards : 78 cards
  • Card dimensions : 10,7 x 6,2 cm
  • Guide : PDF of 88 pages (QR code on the back of the box)
  • Language : English (maps and guide)
  • Certification : CE


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