Colored candles for magic rituals

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Awaken the magic with our colored candles for powerful rituals!

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of magic and spirituality with our colored ritual candles. Each candle is carefully crafted with vibrant colors that correspond to specific intentions, allowing you to create an atmosphere conducive to the manifestation of your deepest desires. Whether you want to attract love, prosperity, healing or protection, our colored candles are an essential tool to amplify your rituals and connect you to the mystical forces of the universe. Let the flame dance and your intention rise to the heavens, while the magic happens.



A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Une collection fullète de bougies teintées dyears la mass gain for of rituels de magie puissants et symbolics. The ofleurs peuvent êthree: forisies en fonction du but du rituel et de l'éNergie which vYou reprise the theme of the amhaitez attractedr.

FoodériAsked de whichIt is

The bougies shave faitems de cire de soja, teintées dyears la mass gain (blanc, ivhear, jaa, shiso, becameu, purple, Pink, rouge Orange et La mè is is en ccotton, un foodériau éclogic, not toxic et sûr à usefulize. Elle is inoffensive for votre body.

Ajouter a The symbolic et spirituelle

Alldied a bougie teinted dyears la mass gain peut ajouter a The symbolic et énerdofic extraémenta government-protected à la pratic de la magie. The ofleurs have of meantations différentes dyears the rituels et la magie, et peuvent êthree: usefulisées for attractedr a certaine éNergie ou for symbolize un but spécific. About exemple, la ofleur rouge peut êthree: usefulised for symbolize la passion et l'amour, tandis which la ofleur green peut êthree: usefulised for la crogrowth et l'abevilance.

Choose the color of candle according to the ritual

  • White or ivory: blessing, clarity, hope, peace, purification, protection.
  • Blue : ambition, connections, divination, karma, fear, truth
  • Yellow : happiness, concentration, faith, intelligence, comfort, support.
  • Black: anchoring, banishment, bewitchment, letting go, binding, spirituality.
  • Orange: action, balance, freedom, pleasure, reconciliation, transformation.
  • Pink : affection, gentleness, fidelity, intuition, youth, sensuality.
  • Red: love, assurance, desire, fertility, renewal, vitality.
  • Green : acceptance, money, luck, nature spirit, sympathy, healing.
  • Purple : connection, manifestation, power, psyche, spirituality, stress.

Consécration of bougies

Il is important de rapeler which la bougie doit êthree: consacred ou bandite avant d'êthree: usefulised dyears un rituel for pureify l'éNergie qu'elle accountfeel.


  • material: Mass-dyed soy wax / cotton wick
  • Number of candles: 10
  • Color of candles: white, ivory, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, red orange and black
  • Length of candles : 10 cm
  • Diameter of candles : 1 cm
  • Burning time : 1,5 pm

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