Wooden Altar Pentacle

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Awaken your altar with our wooden pentagram!

Add a mystical touch to your altar with our wooden altar pentagram. An ancestral symbol of protection and spiritual connection, this pentagram accompanies you in your rituals and meditations. Carefully crafted from natural wood, it brings a sacred dimension to your spiritual space. Let the power of the pentagram guide you towards wisdom and transformation.

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Essential tool for practicing magic

The wooden altar pentacle is an essential tool for practitioners of magic. It is used to establish a magic circle and create a safe space to invoke spiritual forces. It can also be used to protect the practitioner from negative influences and to help you focus on your magical work.

Quality material and unique design

This wooden altar pentacle is designed to be durable and strong. It is made of quality wood that is both sturdy and durable. The size of 12 cm in diameter allows it to be easily carried, making it a practical tool for magical rituals. The unique shape and geometric pattern are also very aesthetically pleasing and can be used to add a touch of elegance to your magical space.


The wooden altar pentacle is very easy to use. Simply place it in the center of the magic circle and consecrate it using the appropriate techniques. Once the magic circle is established, you will be ready to begin your magical work.

Aesthetic and elegant

It also looks great and can be used to add a touch of elegance to your magical space. So don't hesitate any longer and buy your wooden altar pentacle today to complete your metaphysical practice.


  • material Wood
  • Weight : 15,6 grams
  •  Length : 12cm in diameter

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