Crystal ball for clairvoyance

24,95  - 39,95 

Crystal Ball for Clairvoyance: Reveal the future with our crystal ball made of pure crystal and brass stand. Various sizes available.

  • Quality Pure Crystal : The ball is cut from a pure crystal, ideal for clairvoyance, with spiritual and magical properties.
  • Brass Support : The three-legged brass stand adds a metaphysical touch and is available in gold or silver finishes.
  • Choice of Sizes : Available in four sizes (5 cm, 6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm), to suit your preferences and your clairvoyance experience.



The crystal ball, often called the Hindu mirror, is an ancestral clairvoyance tool that has continued to fascinate lovers of mystery and divination for centuries. Cut from pure crystal, it captures light, shadows and reflections, revealing images from the subconscious, both blurry and precise. If you are looking for a crystal ball for your clairvoyance sessions, our model with brass support is an essential choice.

The Magic of the Crystal for Clairvoyance

Crystal, a material imbued with spiritual symbolism, has long been associated with clairvoyance and magic. The purity of this crystal allows you to connect to a deep level of consciousness and intuition. The images that form through the crystal ball reveal information that generally escapes our conscious vision. It is a powerful tool for exploring the unconscious and deciphering the signs of destiny.

An Esoteric Brass Support

The crystal ball is delicately placed on a three-legged brass support, which adds a metaphysical touch to the whole. The brass stand is available in two finishes: gold and silver, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your style or metaphysical practice. Each holder is handcrafted, ensuring a unique and carefully crafted design.

Varied Sizes to Meet Your Needs

Our crystal ball is available in four different sizes: 5 cm, 6 cm, 7 cm or 8 cm in diameter. The choice of size will depend on your personal preferences and your clairvoyance experience. Generally, a larger crystal ball can amplify perceptions and clarity of images. The bigger the crystal ball, the stronger its magical power.

A Tool to Develop Your Divinatory Abilities

Whether you are an initiate or a beginner in the art of clairvoyance, this crystal ball will be a valuable companion for developing your divinatory skills. It will help you connect with higher forces, communicate with spirits and glimpse the future. Regular use of this tool will allow you to discover buried secrets, better understand the world around you and illuminate your personal path.


  • material : crystal (ball) / brass (support)
  • Stand color : Gold or Silver
  • Dimensions of the crystal ball : 5, 6, 7 or 8 cm in diameter
  • Support size : 3 x 5,5 cm

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