Natural Peacock Feathers

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Discover the magic of these natural, lucky and protective peacock feathers. Add a touch of elegance to your rituals and meditations.

  • 10 authentic peacock feathers
  • 100% natural, no plucking required
  • Professionally cleaned and disinfected

A unique, new property built in the traditional French style, with many energy saving features.

Immerse yourself in the mystical splendor of natural peacock feathers available at Esoteria Shop. These feathers, 100% authentic, are treasures of nature, offered graciously by the majestic peacocks. Each one was lost naturally, with no plucking necessary and no harm to the peacocks.

The Spiritual Meaning of Peacock Feathers

Peacock feathers have long been associated with magic, protection and spiritual insight. They are considered lucky charms, attracting luck and prosperity. The distinctive eye patterns called ocelli present on these feathers evoke psychic vision, making them powerful tools for meditation, divination and protection against negative energies.

Unique and Authentic Treasures

Each peacock feather is a work of art of nature. Due to their organic nature, these feathers vary in size and pattern, making them unique. You will receive a set of 10 peacock feathers, each measuring between 25-30cm, 30-40cm or 45-55cm (depending on your choice). Each feather tells a story and carries within it a special energy.

Prepared with Care

At Esoteria Shop, quality is essential. All of our peacock feathers have been carefully cleaned, steamed and professionally disinfected to preserve their purity and potency. You can use them with confidence to enrich your rituals, decorate your altar, or stimulate your artistic creativity.

Endless Magical Uses

The possibilities for using these feathers are endless. Whether you want to attract good luck, protect your sacred space, or stimulate your artistic creativity, these peacock feathers will accompany you on your spiritual journey. Their natural color evokes the simplicity and beauty of nature itself.

Order your natural peacock feathers today at Esoteria Shop and let the magic of the peacock guide your metaphysical practice. Each feather carries a unique energy, each feather is a link with the mystery of the universe. Celebrate the beauty and spiritual meaning of these magnificent feathers.


  • Bird species : peacock
  • Batch size : 10 feathers per set
  • Feather length : 25 to 30 cm, 30- to 40 cm or 45 to 55 cm (depending on your choice)

Please note: Due to their natural nature, feather size and color may vary from feather to feather.

Further information

Feather length

25 to 30 cm, 30 to 40 cm, 45 to 55 cm


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